Prepare for nightmares after watching this exclusive Babadook teaser

Seriously. You'll want to check under your bed tonight...

Are you attached to your eight hours of restful slumber? No? Okay, great. Do carry on then…


However good you think you are at dealing with scary movies, this teaser trailer for The Babadook WILL scare you. That’s just a fact.

This exclusive 30-second trailer comes complete with creepy children, a horrendous pop-up bedtime story, screaming and scary noises. We don’t even know what the Babadook IS and we are terrified.  

The Babadook follows Amelia and her troubled six-year-old Samuel, six years after the violent death of her husband. Samuel is convinced that a sinister monster is coming to kill them both and then a storybook turns up at their house appearing to depict that very monster.


The Babadook will be in UK cinemas 24th October