Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi goes Tardis-hopping in new video

Thr-Who the Keyhole: who flies in a time machine like this?


It’s hard not to get a bit distracted by that mysterious voice, but this new video to promote the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff also showed us some cool scenes of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor in Tardises past.


Here, he’s looking decisive in the original Tardis control room – what orders is he giving museum visitors, we wonder?

In the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)’s debut Tardis, the Time Lord looks a little more off-guard. Have we caught him doing something he shouldn’t?

As for the Tardis control room of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors (Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant), well…it looks like things have gone a little pear-shaped.

The clips come from a brand new interactive adventure that visitors to the Doctor Who Experience will take part in before reaching the memorabilia section of the exhibition.

Which also means we’ll have to wait until the grand re-opening on October 24th to find out exactly why Capaldi is trespassing in time machines past…


Doctor Who is on BBC1 on Saturday at 8:30pm