Strictly Come Dancing week two: tough training, coughs, colds and philosophy

The Strictly celebrities reveal what's going on behind the scenes as they prepare their second dances for Saturday night...

You know one of the best things about Strictly? Unlike other celebrity talent competitions where the famous faces are trapped in the Australian jungle or locked in a tech-free studio near Watford, the contestants are still allowed to use social media.  


And that means we don’t have to wait until Saturday night to find out how things are going in the Strictly studios… 

Though, it turns out Frankie Bridge isn’t actually in the studio. She’s probably wrapped up at home instead. She’s top of the leader board, she can probably afford a day off.

Someone who doesn’t seem to be affected by the Strictly sniffles is Mark Wright, who is instead feeling motivated and a little philosophical.

In a less serious mood, Caroline Flack is joking around about her new dance: the Tango. 

Meanwhile, EastEnders actor Jake Wood is working hard. No joking around here. #hardwork

Steve Backshall might have embraced the sequins and lycra on Saturday night, but he’s keen to get back to his more natural roots this week…

While Scott Mills is getting his intake of protein with a trip to Nandos. He’ll need all the energy he can get to foxtrot away from the bottom of the leaderboard.

Meanwhile the professional dancers are having to practise their own pro dance as well as train their celebs. It’s a hard life, eh?


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:20pm on BBC1