Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie to get drugs from ex-boyfriend Callum, reveals Sean Ward

"It all comes down to him wanting control over Kylie. He knows how much she doesn’t want to give him back the control he once had over her," says the actor

Troubled Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) is to take refuge in her old life next week following ructions with husband David (Jack P Shepherd). After spending an afternoon in the company of former boyfriend Callum (Sean Ward), Kylie asks if he can supply anything to lift her spirits.


Callum enjoys taunting Kylie, reminding her of her past before giving her the wrap of speed she so desperately wants. Is the start of a descent down a slippery slope for Kylie? Here, actor Sean Ward tells us about what bad boy Callum has in store – and whether Kylie is part of those plans…

Can you tell us what kind of lad Callum is?
Callum is a local bad boy from an area just outside of Weatherfield who has recently come out of prison. He’s a guy who likes a challenge and he’s fearless!

What does he do with himself?
Callum’s lost his way somewhere along the line. He’s a drug dealer and that’s how he earns a living. I think a lot of it is to do with him being able to have and maintain power and control. Yhat’s why he sells drugs.  Callum quite likes selling to people who are worse off than himself as it makes him feel better about his own life. 

Do you know much about his family life and friends?
As of yet we don’t know much about the Logan family or even if he has much to do with them. But we do meet a number of Callum’s close friends and allies in the Dog and Gun during my first scenes. All of Callum’s mates feature in Kylie’s past, so when she comes looking for Callum she gets to see some old faces as well. 

Do you think there’s any good in Callum or is he all bad?
I do believe there’s some good in him. Deep down he thinks he’s genuinely giving Kylie what she wants and is making her happy. He doesn’t believe that she’s happy back in Weatherfield and he thinks he’s making her feel herself again. She’s the only person he’s ever really loved and cared about.

Has he thought about her a lot in the years that have passed since they split up?
Yes, he’s missed having her around and he’s definitely thought about her a lot too. I don’t think he ever really thought she’d just walk back into his life so easily or that one day she’d just turn up in the pub. Certainly not after such a long time. 

Were they ever in a relationship or was it more of an on-off fling?
Yes they were together a good while. They were the couple everyone in the area knew about. I imagine it was a tumultuous relationship – they are both quite feisty, so I think there were a lot of alcohol-fuelled arguments! But he did genuinely love Kylie. She’s the only girl that has ever matched him and that could rise to the challenge. 

So has he ever been a ‘dad’ to Max, or has he always been off the radar?
He’s never been a father figure to Max, no. Kylie left before he got a chance to. He got arrested and was sent to prison, so that kind of put an end to any opportunity Callum might have had to be a dad to his son. 

Has he ever considered going to find Kylie himself and make a go of trying to be a proper dad to Max?
Yes, he probably has thought about going to find her and I’m sure he’s probably dwelled on the past. But at the same time Callum’s also self-centred and he cares about himself too much to even try and be a proper dad to a son that he’s never really known.Kylie turning up again has given him an ‘in’ and it’s suddenly become easier for him now that she’s back on the scene. He’s not going to let her go so easily this time. 

Would you say he’s ever thought about what Kylie might be doing with her life?
It will be a shock when he finds out she’s married and has another child, but at the same time I don’t think he’ll believe it. Callum’s got his own idea of who Kylie is, no matter what she’s pretending to be to other people. He won’t believe that having a ring on her finger will have changed who she is at heart. He’ll be able to use how well he knew Kylie back in the day to control her and play a few mind games. Callum will tell Kylie that she can’t hide from him – he knows her too well. 

Talk us through the moment Callum first sees Kylie when she turns up looking for him in the pub…
Callum actually sees Eva first as she’s sat on her own with Macca, Callum’s mate. Obviously Callum has no idea that she’s there with Kylie and that she’s Kylie’s friend. He sees this stunning blonde woman who’s never been seen before in the pub. She looks a bit out of place! Callum’s straight over there to talk to her, before Kylie comes out of the toilet and they lock eyes.

How does he feel when he sees her? Do his feelings for her come flooding back?
He plays it cool and cheeky! He knows exactly how to get under Kylie’s skin and how to wind her up. He’s very good at it!

At what point does she tell him she’s married and has a daughter now too?
It’s over a casual game of pool! I know Callum is extremely surprised that she has another child. He thought she really struggled with Max when he was a baby,  so never thought in a million years that she’d have another one. He’s intrigued that she has this ‘fake’ life, as that’s how he views it. He knows that’s not who Kylie is and doesn’t believe she could have changed her ways that much.

Do you think Callum thinks she’s come back for him, and for the life she left behind?
Callum plays it that way – he winds her up by telling her he knows that she’s come back for him. He knows that something’s not right with her. He doesn’t believe that Max is the only reason she’s come back. I don’t think Callum is all too bothered about Max, but seeing Kylie makes him realise he wants her back and he knows there are flaws in the life she has now, or else why would she go backwards? He hopes that he’ll be able to talk her into his way of thinking so that she starts to see the holes in her life with David. 

Kylie’s under a lot of pressure at home – do you think Callum picks up on that and on her vulnerability?
Eventually, yes. He starts to see that she’s under a lot of pressure and that a lot of it comes from herself – she’s trying to be someone she isn’t and be the perfect mum. Then when she comes back to her old life and her old mates, who all put her on a bit of a pedestal, she almost relaxes into herself again. 

What is Callum’s reaction when she asks him for drugs?
He’s shocked at first and he uses it again as more ammunition to have her where he wants her. He uses it against her by saying that things can’t all be rosy at home if she needs drugs from him. Callum likes to be in control so this is a way in which he can control her. 

Do you think he takes drugs himself?
No, I don’t think he does. I reckon he knocked that on the head while he was in prison. Now he knows how in control of people he can be and he relishes that. 

Tell us about the scene where Callum taunts Kylie with the speed?
It all comes down to him wanting control over Kylie. He knows how much she doesn’t want to give him back the control he once had over her.

Do you think she’s still got a soft spot for him? Does she still fancy him?
I’m undecided on that as of yet. There’s definitely something that draws them to one another. But then again I think Kylie has just got far too much going on in her head for her to even process the thought of another fella on top of all her other worries.

Do you think if Callum was given the opportunity could he be a good dad to Max?
Yes, I do actually. At the minute, he doesn’t care all that much about having Max in his life, but I think that would change if he was given the chance to get to know him. I think he could love the pair of them.

Is he going to cause trouble for Kylie and the Platts?
The way he’s going, I’d say yes. He knows what he wants and he won’t stop at anything to get it.

Can you tell us about your audition?
My audition was with Paula Lane, so I was really nervous! I did my research into Kylie Platt and her background, so I went prepared. I wanted to know as much as possible about Kylie. I knew to expect a feisty character. A couple of days after my audition my agent got a call to say I’d got the job! It was all very fast.

Tell us about your first day – were you filming on location?
I was on location in the pub! I haven’t filmed on the cobbles as of yet, so it was slightly better for me and less nerve-wracking. It wasn’t as daunting. 

Have you had any pinch-me moments?
When I first walked over the bridge at Media City towards the set, I saw the big Coronation Street sign on the side of the building – that was a huge moment that I’ll never forget! 


And what’s it been like to work with Paula?
Amazing. She’s looked after me massively – there’s a lot to learn. It’s a huge family here at Corrie and everyone’s been so welcoming. But Paula especially has helped me work everything out – from blocking scenes to looking at next week’s schedules.