21 Jump Street, Scarface, The Karate Kid — films on TV today

Our choice of free-to-air films on TV — picked by RT's film team

21 Jump Street 
9.00pm 5*


When 21 Jump Street, a youthful undercover-cop series, aired on US network television in the late 1980s and early 90s, satellite and cable did not beam such shows automatically into our living rooms, so few Brits will remember it. This irresistible action-comedy revival from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs directorial tag-team Phil Lord and Chris Miller reunites two childhood friends (Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) as police graduates whose boss (Ice Cube) assigns them to an undercover job at a high school, there to sniff out a new and dangerous drug whose acronym HFS I won’t expand here. Whether Tatum (the jock) and Hill (the nerd) could really pass as school students is moot. They do, their chemistry is strong and their antics provide endless, simple-minded fun, such as taking the drug itself while on the running track. Students of the TV series – which made a young Johnny Depp famous – will also appreciate his sporting cameo.

11.00pm ITV4

Say hello to Al Pacino and his leetle friend in Brian De Palma’s endlessly quotable tale of a cocky Cuban gangster’s meteoric rise – and violent fall – in 80s Miami. And the Giorgio Moroder soundtrack is a bonus.

The Karate Kid
8.00pm E4

Will Smith’s son Jaden stars as “the kid” who moves to China with his mom and gets into bother with the local lads. Fortunately, Jackie Chan is on hand to lend a hand. And who cares if it is kung fu he’s teaching, anyway.

The Greatest
6.50pm MovieMix

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, acts like… Ali! Yes, Muhummad Ali stars as himself in this boxing biopic. It’s perhaps not the most objective retelling of his life, but the man’s a legend.

Adam & Paul
12.30am C4


Before he stuck Michael Fassbender in a papier-mache head in Frank, director Lenny Abrahamson made his feature debut with this equally offbeat tale about a day in the life of two Dublin junkies.