X Factor 2014: A guide to Simon Cowell’s judging traits

Open shirt? Check. Strange turns of phrase? Check. Simon is nothing if not consistent

Over the years viewers of the X Factor have come to know and love long-standing judge Louis Walsh for his familiar lines including, “You look like a pop star, you sound like a pop star…” But returning head judge Simon Cowell is building up a collection of his own familiar judging traits…


The open shirt

Last weekend Mr Cowell looked a tad embarrassed by his gaping shirt, which drew whistles from the Wembley crowd. But those buttons don’t seem to be doing their job just yet, seen here at Judges’ Houses flowing free.

Eating satsumas

“I feel like I’m eating one of them,” Cowell joked after seeing One Heart audition and returning to his snack.

Odd turns of phrase

“You’re like a jockey that will get on any horse that’s running past,” among the many examples.

Simon says stop

When Simon’s had enough of an audition he simply raises his hand. It isn’t always a bad sign, although it isn’t always good, either.

Shows he’s the boss

Normally by backing singers previously kicked off the show by other judges. Cowell can be seen here telling Paul Akister he’s glad he’s around to support him, after Louis let him go at Judges’ Houses last year.

And of course annoy the heck out of Cheryl

Who has taken to using a fan to basically waft away his voice.


The X Factor starts Friday 9:00pm and continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV