Who is that Matt Smith lookalike in Doctor Who?

If you're having trouble letting go of the Eleventh Doctor, the appearance of teacher Adrian - aka actor Edward Harrison - probably didn't help...


Floppy hair? Check. Solid chin? Check. Bow-tie? Check. Tendency to gesticulate wildly and make up words like “non-finishedness”? Check and check.


Yet despite all the evidence to the contrary, that was not Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in tonight’s episode of Doctor Who but a man called Adrian, one of Clara’s fellow teachers at Cole Hill School, played by actor Edward Harrison.

Even Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor recognised something of “a certain dashing young time traveller” in Adrian – and immediately assumed this was Clara’s boyfriend (because how could she not be smitten by someone who looked so much like an incarnation of the Doctor? Ego much?)

But who is “the handsome one with the bow-tie” when he’s not in Doctor Who? Who is Edward Harrison?

Well, despite a CV featuring numerous stage roles it’s fair to say Harrison is a relative newcomer in terms of screen acting. Weirdly, Doctors have featured in both of his two TV roles to date – the other one was a bit part in the BBC daytime medical drama of that name.

Even before the Doctors, though, Harrison was keeping good company. In 2011 film drama Wreckers he starred with a certain Mr Benedict Cumberbatch, in a no doubt pivotal role, as a character called simply Police Officer.


With Capaldi and Cumberbatch already under his belt, and comparisons being made to Matt Smith, it seems Edward Harrison must be doing something right…