Strictly Come Dancing week one: Who danced the best?

Which celebrities impressed with their moves? And who performed disaaaasteriously on the dance floor?


We’ve had a double dose of Strictly sparkle this weekend, with the first batch of nervous celebrities throwing some (hopefully graceful) shapes yesterday before the second lot stepped out onto the dance floor this evening. 


Thankfully, now they’ve completed their first performances and faced the formidable judges, the celebrities have nothing scarier to face. There will be no dance off or farewell this week. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your say on whose dance moves impressed, surprised or disappointed. 

Sure, the power might be out of your hands this week with the celebrities free from the public vote. But forget Len, Bruno, Craig and Darcey, we all know who the true Strictly judges are. You! 


Strictly Come Dancing continues next Saturday at 6:20pm on BBC1