Ben Miller on his Death in Paradise exit: “It was horrendous being killed off”

The What We Did on Our Holiday actor regrets his dramatic departure from the Caribbean detective drama

Cast your mind back to January and you’ll recall the start of Death in Paradise series three where, rather than trying to solve Saint Marie’s latest murder, DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) became its victim.


His death – within mere minutes of the opening episode – paved the way for the introduction of his replacement Humphrey Goodman, played by Kris Marshall. 

But while Miller may have decided that his time on the show was up, he wasn’t especially happy about the way it ended.

“It was horrendous being killed, especially being killed about a minute into the programme,” he tells “He didn’t get to do much Richard Poole-like dithering about. I literally got an ice pick between my shoulders, it was incredibly quick – it felt really brutal at the time. 

“You think, ‘Theres no coming back in this show, unless it’s all been a dream…’ Maybe it’s all been Camille’s dream?”

Don’t hold your breath, Richard Poole fans. Miller may be missing the tropical Guadeloupe summers but we don’t foresee our favourite doddering DI doing a Dallas just yet – although a summer spent shooting new film What We Did on Our Holiday in the remote Scottish village of Gairloch did give him pause for thought. 

“It was sort of hilarious for me because the previous three summers I’d spent in 40 degrees in a wool suit and I went from that to freezing my nipples off in the Highlands of Scotland. The only way to have topped it would have been to play Tarzan in Reykjavik. 

“I do still miss Guadeloupe  it’s such an amazing, beautiful place. How lucky am I to go to those two incredible places to film?” 

Yes, Ben. Thanks for reminding us. 


What We Did on Our Holiday is out in cinemas now.