X Factor 2014’s The Courtesans: “We really don’t know how we’ve got so far”

Ben and Eileen admit they tried out for the series simply because they fancied it and think music fans are “hungry for something different”


Two-piece group The Courtesans, who describe themselves as a “gypsy glam rock and roll band with orchestration” have split the judging panel with their two auditions, one of which involved a lot of pretend guitar action from Ben while Eileen sang Tom Jones’s Delilah.


“He’s miming the guitar,” judge Mel B could be heard giggling to Louis Walsh as the pair performed to Wembley Arena for the first time.

But despite the judges chopping and changing their mind on how they felt about the band between their auditions, they made it through to Boot Camp.

“I don’t really know how we’ve actually got so far, I really don’t,” Eileen admits.

“Being a bit different I think they just thought, that’s quite a good idea to put them in, they don’t sound too bad and they hold the stage pretty well, so let’s give them a go.”

They’re keen to impress Louis Walsh, who has been on their side in both auditions. “He had no hesitation, he said yes. Second time he said yes,” says Ben who thinks music lovers are “hungry for something different.”

“Bottom line is can we sell records,” adds Eileen. “And I think the X Factor over the years has been a system of turning out certain types of artists who are fantastic, [but] I think they need a bit of a change now.”

The duo admit taking part in the X Factor this year was simply because they “fancied it”.

“Why on earth not? It’s the first time we’ve ever done anything like this.”

Of performing on the Wembley stage Eileen says, “You don’t know if you like it or hate it. You go in and think ‘Oh my god, I can smell fear’. But you have to pump it out, get it out, blow it out.”

“It’s down to us now.”

Missed The Courtesans perform? See their first Arena Audition here:


The X Factor starts Friday 9:00pm and continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV