Strictly Come Dancing: Meet Thom Evans and Iveta Lukosiute

Former Scotland rugby player Thom Evans loves dancing and is confident he'll do well in Strictly...


Thom Evans, former Scotland rugby player turned actor, is already a keen dancer.


“When I’m out I do like to get up and dance. It doesn’t require any alcohol or anything. I just love to dance,” he tells 

And he’s fairly confident that he’s poised to do well once the competition starts heating up in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

“I think having been a professional sportsman, safe to say I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was slightly competitive. But at the same time I’m just here to have as much fun as possible.”

Of his professional dancing partner Iveta Lukosiute, he says: “I think we’re going to do well together.”

“As long as he listens and does what I tell him then we’ll be fine,” she adds. 


Strictly Come Dancing starts on Friday 26th September at 9:00pm on BBC1