Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

29 Sep-3 Oct: Oscar and Maddy kiss, while John’s refusal to invite guests to the wedding makes Marilyn fear the worst

Monday 29 September
Casey is upset about Josh moving in – until he learns that the arrangement is to protect him from trouble with Andy’s drug suppliers. Things with Oscar and Maddy heat up, but is she only using him to get back at Evelyn? Hannah secretly rekindles the flame with Andy but immediately begins to have second thoughts.


Tuesday 30 September
Oscar is smitten with Maddy, but after a talking- to from Roo, Maddy realises that she doesn’t feel the same way about him and needs to tell him. With Andy under pressure because of his debt to his suppliers, Casey and Hannah consider taking desperate measures to help. Sasha gets a low mark for her poetry, and Matt secretly tries to boost her grade.

Wednesday 1 October
Sasha is furious when she discovers that Matt submitted his own poem under her name, but when the poem wins praise, she hesitates to come clean. Sophie turns Nate against Leah. Jett is thrilled to have a surprise visitor – at least until Marilyn invites the mystery guest to have dinner with the whole family.

Thursday 2 October
With Nate and Sophie deciding to move in together, Sophie and Leah bury the hatchet over a glass of wine. Jett manages to get a wedding invitation for Nina, while Marilyn continues to be confused by John’s reluctance to invite guests. Chris and Denny hang out as friends, but the pair get their signals crossed and he ends up trying to kiss her.


Friday 3 October
Denny confesses to Phoebe that Chris tried to kiss her, and Phoebe responds like a true Braxton, warning Chris to stay away. Roo wants to see Maddy back at school instead of working at the gym, but Spencer talks Casey into giving her a try. Marilyn thinks she has discovered why John does not want to invite anyone to the wedding and resolves to sort the issue out once and for all.