Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

28 Sep-3 Oct: It’s the week of Finn’s trial, but will John Paul get the justice he deserves?


Monday 29 September


The McQueens and Ste unite to support John Paul as Finn’s trial kicks of, but can Ste stand the pressure or will he return to his old habits?  Meanwhile, Diane is pushing Tony and Sinead closer together, while a shock courtroom revelation is about to bring one resident’s world crashing down.   

Tuesday 30 September

The Osborne family is in meltdown after the first day of Finn’s trio and Darren finds an unlikely shoulder to cry on.  A problem shared is a problem halved for Sinead and Ste, but Sinead shares one too many secrets. Rick tries his charm with another of the village ladies. 

Wednesday 1 October

As Ste goes into the witness box, his testimony could have devastating consequences for John Paul, while the race is on for Darren to put things right with Nancy. Meanwhile, Diane finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Dennis and Tom embark on a new business adventure.

Thursday 2 October

As Robbie and Finn go head to head in court, who will the jury believe?  Nana McQueen’s health takes a turn for the worse, while Dennis’s new business gets off to an explosive start. Elsewhere, Ste hits a new low as he attempts to curb his cravings.

Friday 3 October


It’s judgement day for Finn and John Paul as the jury reaches its verdict. Tony and Sinead share a moment, but who is watching? Will Diane be able to live with herself after her actions change the O’Connors’ lives forever?