Dave Lee Travis given a suspended sentence for “intentional and unpleasant” indecent assault

Lee Travis will not face jail following his conviction on one count of indecent assault at a retrial at Southwark Crown Court


Dave Lee Travis has escaped a prison sentence following his conviction for indecent assault.


Earlier this week a jury found the 69-year-old former Radio 1 DJ guilty of one charge in relation to an incident in 1995 when a TV researcher on the BBC’s Mrs Merton Show claimed he had groped her breasts.

The court heard that Lee Travis cornered the woman in the corridor of a BBC television studio where she was smoking and commented on her “poor little lungs” before squeezing her breasts.

He was found not guilty of another charge, while the jury were unable to reach a verdict on a third count and were discharged.

Giving him to a three-month suspended sentence, the presiding Judge Anthony Leonard QC told Travis: “It was an intentional and unpleasant sexual assault.

“You took advantage of a young woman in a vulnerable position whose job it was to look after you that day.”

The Judge had  initially warned the former radio star that he was looking at “all options” when he considered his sentence, including jail.

In a victim impact statement, which was read out at London’s Southwark Crown Court ahead of his sentencing, the victim said: “I was a naive and trusting 22-year-old when I was subjected to an unprovoked and terrifying physical assault at my place of work. I was too paralysed with fear to confront my assailant.”


Travis had been cleared of 12 of 14 charges in an earlier trial at the same court where he admitted he was a “tactile” person but denied attacking women.