Why you love Doctor Who…

From the Tardis to bow ties, William Hartnell to Matt Smith, Daleks and beyond, YOU told us why you love all things Who

From the UK to the USA, Italy, Norway and Canada, thanks to all who took part. Here’s a selection of what you had to say about why you love Doctor Who…


“After the ever-chilling cry from the Daleks, roar of the TARDIS with the beautiful red and blue swirls of space and time, witty jokes, flamboyant costumes and endless pit of story ideas? Doctor Who always reminds us what matters is at the heart of the Doctor’s character; his childlike optimism, curiosity and love for adventure. Whatever age the viewer, the 900 year old will forever remind us to embrace the inner 9 year old!” David Myers

“Doctor Who is the ultimate in escapist television – especially for those like me who were never the most athletically adept. The Doctor was always the thinking man’s hero and this has been part of his charm over the years. Our favourite Time Lord is also a great moral role-model. He stands up for what is right and this is needed in modern society. It’s often been my way, over the years, to ask myself: what would The Doctor do? I can’t say he’s ever steered me wrong.” Antony McGarry-Thickitt

“It’s not simple to explain why I love Doctor Who. I love this show because it make me feel free to dream to travel in extraordinary worlds in the magic space in different time. The Doctor’s character is unique, and I like the way he has so much personalities: he is funny, angry, comic, sad…he has an explosion of feelings and all of the actors who played his role, have gave him different particularities. All the companions are cool, in different ways, and I love the fact that, all of them seems to complete the Doctor in all the Journeys.

*In conclusion, is there any show who can be seen by kids and adults at the same time, and able to be dreamed and loved from both? I believe not! :)” Chiara (Italy)

“Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor was very important for me. When he took over from David Tennant in 2010 I was starting at University. It was because of Matt that I embraced the Tweed I have so often been told I should wear and truly felt ‘myself’. The period was the happiest of my life so far. Three years later I graduated, and not long before that Matt announced he was to leave the show. So I have a kinship with Matt. He was my University companion and made me confident and happy to be myself.” James O’Neill

A show about an anti-establishment intellectual who abhors violence and uses his wits to help the underdog. A show full of friendship and camaraderie. A show that is fun, magical, terrifying, exhilarating and awe-inspiring. A show that was partly made in the 60s and 70s, coated by a fine patina, made of purest vintage. A show that was raised into the realm of legend by the simple fact that we do not have access to all its episodes anymore. A show that is not only made for people who love it, but by people who love it. Sebastian Göttling

“Doctor Who is unique in its weirdness. But the weirdness is what makes the show special. It can be funny-weird or scary-weird or weird-beautiful. An episode can be a crime-mystery or a love story or a comedy, but it always has that unique weirdness to it. It lets your imagination run wild while making you cry or laugh or hide behind the sofa.” Astrid Schou

“Doctor Who can be, quite literally, anything. It’s a sparkling cocktail of far-flung galaxies, raucous humour, endless love, and never-ending hurt. What I mean to say is that it’s one of the most human shows there is. Which is so ironic that I can’t help but love it. And, beyond all that, the Doctor is my hero. His never-failing sense of optimism and adventure brighten even the darkest of days. And for that, I am truly grateful.” Emily Jones

“Doctor Who shows our own time events in an interesting way for all ages, bringing Winston Churchill back fighting Daleks or the crossover of Who and Torchwood. It is these stories that we can slightly relate to. Space is constantly being explored. What or who is to say any of the ‘Aliens’ in Doctor Who don’t exist? And of course the answer of the Doctors name only known to River Song and John Hurt’s charcater (another Doctor?/ companion/enemy).” Sarah Bullock (Doctor Who fan and Sci-Fi geek B-D)

“I love Doctor Who because of its blind ambition. From the very start, a lack of money has never been an excuse not to bring us spaceships, alien planets and giant maggots. It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention, and that is very true of Doctor Who. The imagination of the programme shines through in every episode and is a testament to the ingenuity of the production teams over the last 50 years. We love it because they love it. We believe in it because they believe in it. And that takes b***s. Long live Doctor Who.” Simon Fox

“Since I was 10 and Christopher Eccleston swanned onto the screen, I’ve been hooked. The ever familiar sound of the TARDIS sends goose bumps up my arms and each episode takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. Doctor Who gets the family together for an evening of eccentricity and delight, never failing to draw you into the story and leave you back as if you where once again a mere child. From the flamboyance to the heart breaking goodbyes. I love every second of this one of a kind show.” Courtney Fereday

“I watched Doctor Who when it began 50 years ago, but never dreamt that it would return to my life five decades later, bringing with it an explosion of energy, imagination, insight, curiosity, compassion and JOY during the darkest year of my life. Watching Matt Smith’s Doctor spinning on his heels, racing around the Tardis pulling switches, spinning dials, speaking at lightning speed, thinking literally and figuratively outside the (blue) box, swooping into people’s lives and giving them hope, I was reconnected with my past and given hope for the future. What’s NOT to love about Doctor Who?” Laurinda Hartt-Fournier (Canada)

“I love Doctor Who because of its sense of adventure. The Doctor takes you on this trip through time and space. It is the ultimate trip with the ultimate tour guide. We see both wonders and horrors, all of it an escape from normal, mundane life. I love Doctor Who because of the Doctor. He’s a man who is the same and yet different with each new regeneration. He changes and grows, and yet at the core he’s still the same fantastical, alien man exploring the universe. He isn’t perfect, which makes him all the more real, but he is a good man who saves the universe and tries to do the right thing. I’m a fan who doesn’t have a Doctor that I’d call “my Doctor”. I love them all equally because to me they are ultimately the same man.

I love Doctor Who because of the companions. Each of them are different, interesting people who are both changed by and change the Doctor by their presence. Each of them offers something different, allowing us to see the Doctor and the universe through different eyes. I have my favorites (Donna, Amy, River), but I love them all. I love Doctor Who for the villains. The Daleks, the Cybermen, The Master, the Great Intelligence: All of them are fun to watch. With a man like the Doctor, you need powerful, intelligent villains to offer any real challenge, and that is what Who gives us time and time again. 

Most of all, though, I love Doctor Who for its heart. Doctor Who, in all its various incarnations, is created by people who love what they are doing, and it shows every time a new episode graces our screens. Whether I’m watching an episode with a powerful moral story to tell, one of the darker episodes, or one that is pure adventure, I know I’ll be watching a show that sees both the big pictures and the little details. The Doctor saves the universe, and yet he understands that each single person matters. The Doctor cares, and because he cares we do too. And maybe we can take that caring back into the real world and spread a bit of the Doctor’s love for humanity.” Ruth Harper

“One of the things I most love about DOCTOR WHO is what it says about humanity. The Doctor is completely in love with the human species because he finds us all to be capable of vast nobility, courage, faith, and strength — he believes we are all inherently good, we just need to be woken up to our potential. Craig Ferguson put it well once – he said DOCTOR WHO celebrates “the victory of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.” Discovering the show when I did (a couple years after the 9/11 attacks) and where I did (New York City), this came as a tremendous comfort…Now, if you were to ask what I like about my favorite Doctor specifically (the Tenth), I’m afraid I’d have to use far, far more than 100 words.  

My heartfelt thanks to Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson, and Verity Lambert for the beginning; Russell T. Davies for picking up the torch again; Steven Moffat for carrying the relay on; and, of course, to Messrs. Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker (Tom and Colin), Davison, McCoy, McGann, Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith (and a welcome to Mr. Capaldi, of course).” Kimberly Wadsworth, Brooklyn, New York, USA

“I love Doctor Who for the simple reason that I know whatever happens in my life I have 11 best friends who will never let me down!” Anthony Mavin

“A mad man stealing a magic box, traveling everywhere in time and space, running and never stopping, encountering every manner of creature imaginable, facing the most frightening things in the universe and prevailing, finding friends, proving to be us at our best, exploring everything, questioning everything, and reminding us things aren’t always black and white. The future can be changed. Anything is possible. If ever the thought crosses our minds that it has all be done before, we need only recall we don’t even know who he is. Always the nameless wanderer. Doctor Who?” Jennifer Herchek, Cleveland, USA

“I love Doctor Who because the moment the music begins I am transported through time and space. To 1976 or thereabouts, my older cousin sitting beside me, both of us nearly behind the sofa, saying she will tell me when it’s ok to look and when to hide my eyes. To 1981, amazed by the first regeneration (for me) and then poring over every detail in the 1983 Radio Times special. And back to the present, watching children doing it all again. The sheer joy of it – the Doctor takes us all with him.” Claire

“I love Doctor Who because of the TARDIS. There you have a device that can go anywhere in time & space and the only limits are the limits of the writers imagination. Yours on time & space.” Trevor Smith

“Doctor Who gives fans an opportunity to watch a clever hero, someone with intelligent wit, someone for young girls and boys to aspire to. The genius writing leaves fans excited to see what happens next week on the edge of their seat, there is always a script that is slightly scary, a sense of humour and a tiny bit emotional too!” Emily Bird

“Doctor Who is a never-ending fairytale, a bright ball of light in my life that always brings a smile to my face. The TARDIS noise is a sound of happiness, the companion is a gateway to my biggest dreams of travelling through time and space, and the Doctor is everything; he’s the good wizard in the fairytale that is Doctor Who. He has taught me to always stay positive, to always see the beauty in others and that every single person on this earth is important. We’re all made of stars!” Mia Grendal (Norway)

“It’s actually harder to imagine not loving this wonderful show. From my earliest memory of the creature in the pit to the teasers for the name of the doctor. This show has been a contant in my life. A bedrock of moral, political and philosophical thought wrapped up in an action adventure with infinite posibilities.” Michael M Gilroy-Sinclair

“Doctor Who teaches that life is all ‘wibbly wobbly, timey wimey’ and that even when the going gets tough, you can adjust your bow tie and carry on. The Doctor is such a loveable, optimistic character, who gives life lessons about how there is always hope. If something gets me down, I recall a doctor who quotes about how “life is a pile of good things and bad things” which draws a smile across my face.” Jacob Dudman

“I love Dr Who because he has grown up with me, and I with him: we both celebrate 50 glorious years this year. Dr Who has been through various phases, stages and incarnations, much like myself. We re-create ourselves frequently hoping for something better, believing in ourselves and in the human race. I haven’t loved every episode or every character- my love has waxed and waned- and yet, from Saturday tea-times when I was 8, to Saturday evenings now I’m a granny, my love endures and remains. Dr Who it timeless and ageless – unlike me!” Debbie Ruppenthal

“I’m a child of the new Who with Aspergers and my first Doctor was Christopher Eccleston. Sadly, I missed the broadcast of his first episode but I saw the second and from that was hooked. I’m now 19 years old and I still sometimes get scared by it. But that’s good. Doctor Who was always meant to be scary and I think that’s why it’s incredible. I still get chills when the 9th Doctor confronts the Dalek in the episode ‘Dalek’. I still cry when the 10th Doctor regenerates in ‘The End Of Time Part Two’ and I still get terrified when the Van Baalen brothers morph into the time zombies in ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis’, As well as getting ridiculously over-excited when I watch the classic stories too. Doctor Who has also helped shape who I am. It also gave me the confidence to be weird and odd like I always was. Without it, I don’t what I’d be like now! The show is wonderful, the fans are wonderful, everything about it is wonderful!” Joshua Frampton

“I love Doctor Who because of the complexity of the protagonist. The Doctor is a flawed hero; he makes mistakes, he plays with his godhood – and ultimately, he’s just an ordinary man trying to make do. No fictional character – in my experience – has lasted fifty years and has a legacy that comprises of one intricate, yet somehow simple story, and it’s gripped me the whole way through.” David Selby

“It has become a part of my family. I started watching because of my father and now my son,15, and I watch it together.” Russell Clark

“Well, I guess its one of those programs I grew up with, rather like StarTrek, its always been there (except for a brief time when it was cancled eek!!)  and the Doctor became like another member of the family and someone who we could look up too and always wanted to be like. After all, we would all love a time machine, and be able to zoom off on thrilling adventures through time and space. 

As a child I didn’t notice the wobbly sets of the classic era, I was just glued to the story and how the Doctor was going to defeat his latest enemy. As an adult I still love the classic series as much as I love the new series which is spectacular and fun. Doctor Who is unique in the fact that it can just go on and on…even when an actor decides to leave we have ‘Regeneration’ and another actor steps into the role to carry on the adventure.

I guess to sum up..its exciting, fun and nostalgic to watch Doctor Who, its part of our everyday, and I will go on watching it and enjoying it, and sharing it with future generations.” Jon Brunton

“I love Doctor Who because of the fact the main character becomes a new person but stays the same. I also love the fact that each version of The Doctor is so different yet they are all the same person. 

His companions change just as much as his appearance allowing for a nice variety of people to aide The Doctor.
His enemies are as varied as the stars in the sky. They all have something to make them from helpful or dangerous to The Doctor. His ship is as quirky as her owner is. This is why I love Doctor Who.” Sammy Dawson-Ward

“I love Doctor Who because whenever I feel bored or blue, he appears, ready to take me on an exciting new adventure, hurtling through time and space in a beautiful blue police box. He is always changing, but I love each and every one of his incarnations because they are all unique, and every incarnation allows me to get to know him a little better and to see a different side to him. He is British, a free spirit and a complete maverick, but I love him to pieces because he brings so much fun into my life.” Rakshita (Raks) Patel

“Doctor Who helped fuel my imagination as a kid. When I stepped outside to play, I faced stampeding Daleks with U.N.I.T. members at my back.” Erik Hogstrom, Dubuque, IA USA

“I love Doctor Who because I can get lost in the stories, forget about my troubles just for a little bit, and because also The Doctor loves everyone, doesn’t discriminate and well.. Captain Jack Harkness.. ’nuff said!” Carrie Calabrese

“I absoultely love Doctor Who!! I love it because the tenth Doctor is like a big 4 year old and has amazing hair. I love the ninth Doctor cause you never forget your first Doctor. I also love that Rose ended up with the Tenth Doctor is a sense. I love all the futuristic aliens and the fight between the time lords and the daleks! I LOVE the sonic screwdriver!! That is the best weapon, tool, thingamabob ever in the history of space travel. The most important reason I love Doctor Who is because its my first fandom!!! Once you watch it you’re addicted. I am a Whovian! And always will be!! Plus my favorite color is blue and always has been since I was little so love the tardis!! I LOVE DOCTOR WHO?!!!!!” Anon

“I love Doctor Who because of the way it shows bravery and courage and sacrifice. And I really love it because it shows the best of humanity. I love how they make the Doctor so human. He’s not perfect and he makes mistakes but you still love him. I love the story of the Doctor. I love the way Doctor Who scares, excites you, makes you laugh and makes you cry. I love how it takes you on adventures and teaches you some of the most important lessons. The stories may be fictional but the emotions are real.” Sarah Popham

“I love Doctor Who because of it’s never ending ability to keep looking and moving forward. If The Doctor can move past hurt and negativity, continue seeing all the good and positivity there is, then it can give audiences the encouragement they need to love the world too.” Martin Breslin

“Put as simply as I possibly can, because it is almost impossible to fit why I love Doctor Who into 100 words but as we all know The Doctor has shown us that nothing is impossible, I love Doctor Who because it makes me feel as if everything will be all right. It shows me that all of the questions that people have about life and death may not be able to be answered, but thats okay. Because good and bad things happen and The Doctor shows us all that its okay…oh yes, and RUN!” Nicholas Cuba

“I love Doctor Who mainly because of the close-knit society it’s created. I’ve met so many people who love the show and formed so many bonds over it. I can even hold a lengthy conversation about this show with people I don’t even like! Because of the many different story-lines and the depth of all the characters, the topic of conversation rarely ever grows old. Even discussing this with non-Whovians is exciting and entertaining because I get to express how much I love Doctor Who by explaining that it’s not just another sci-fi show. It’s so much more.” Kelsie

“The reasons I love doctor who are many but here are the main ones

1. The monsters are amazing

2. I feel it is real and you could be whisked away in a police box at any time (but I’m still waiting)

3. The doctor – he’s always brilliant who ever he is.” Maddie Cooper-Wallis

“I don’t love Doctor Who just because it’s funny, ‘cool’ or even because David Tennant is hot and Matt Smith is “adorkable”; I love it because it allows me to have a sense of wonder and imagination. Each episode is a beautiful, unique fairytale about a strange man in a blue box who rides around saving everyone. It gives me something to dream about, to hope for. It allows me to have an imagination about a world that I know is not real, but for a time, I can believe it is.” Amy A

“I love so many things about Doctor Who, but it’s the fans that I adore. It’s never easy to say goodbye to beloved characters and actors, or to go through major show changes, but time and time again, Whovians show themselves to be eternally dedicated to the show and compassionate both to the show and each other. With the massive turn outs at conventions, the fan-planned meets, even the musical collaborations they put together, I consider Whovians to be a marvellous group of people, and I am so proud to consider myself one of them.”Paul Brown

“Why I love Doctor Who…

1. Because it’s the only TV show that can be a space adventure one week, and a gothic horror the next.
3. Because are you my mummy?
4. Because don’t blink.
5. Because of William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.
6. Because of all the companions and assistants, yes, even Adric.
7. Because would you like a jelly baby?
8. Because everything is always excellent
9. Because ALLONS-Y
10. Because it’s fantastic – absolutely fantastic.
11. Because HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOCTOR WHO!!!” Daniel Massey

“My Doctor Who fandom was a gradual one! I started watching the reboot of doctor who with Christopher Eccleston. It peaked my attention and I tuned in each week enjoying the madness but not overly committed to it. Then came David “ten” Tenant and I was hooked! The same with my favourite doc Matt smith! I would class myself as a whovian fan girl! My heart still breaks when Rose has to say goodbye and I have only just rewatched angels take manhattan for fear of losing my favourite companions! I think this fandom is so wonderful to be involved in as everyone is so creative in their love of who and the actors who take on the role commit to the adventure and draw you in! It is the greatest adventure to be a part of!” Katy

“I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was 5, my first memories of watching it was being scared to death by the gas mask zombies in Steven Moffat’s terrific two parter in Series 1. Since then I’ve been hooked. 9 years later, still watching it, still collecting merchandise, still fantasising about having my own adventures with the Doctor. I’ve always found new and inventive ways to show my love for the programme. So, from the bottom of the heart, I say to all involved in Doctor Who thank you for making Doctor Who the best thing that ever happened to me.” Finlay Hamilton-Sardesai

“I love Doctor Who because every life is so valued by the Doctor. It doesn’t matter if you are a shop girl, a temp, or a medical doctor, everyone has the power to be amazing and be the most important person ever, even if just for a moment. Just to save one life, that everything that we have to live through is worth the fight. That every person has this great potential in them that has the power to change everything, we just need the opportunity and confidence in ourselves.” Charlotte Dale

“It’s actually been quite a comfort blanket for me in recent years. I remember seeing it as a very young child in the late 80’s, and the image of a Dalek menacing Sylvester Mccoy up a flight of stairs has stuck in my mind all this time. As we all know the Doctor dissapeared for a long while, but eventually he came back, and during the new run i became gravely ill and continue to be as such. I guess you could say, i owe my sanity to Doctor Who, that’s what it means to me.” Chris Cooke

“Because it is a perfect, non-violent mixture of science-fiction and fairy-tale elements, with profound and intelligent while at the same time light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek themes; following a father-figure-like main character, whose alienated persona actually makes him so lovable and easy to identify with.” Jovan Ristić

“The Doctor teaches viewers to be accepting of other people in all walks of life, is fun, and is always respectful to the customs of where he is. Or tries to be. He is intelligent, witty, loving, and caring. The perfect companion for any Whovian. He also shows not everyone is perfect, and has his own moments of weakness. Sometimes he loves up to them, sometimes he does not. He shows that humans really are beautiful, though we can be foolish. This is why I hold Doctor Who dear to my heart.” Cyndi Hagan

“Firstly, for all those children who were bullied at school or made to feel like outsiders. And the Doctor himself is one form of the ultimate outsider; you felt he could understand what you felt and not judge you for being different. Secondly, Doctor Who always put a high price on intelligence; on thinking your way out of problems and not because you had a gun or could hit things the best.” Chris Fone

“Because bow ties are cool. Because to him, we look like giants. Because killer or coward? – coward, every time. Because it was a childish dream that made you want to be a Doctor. Because somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold. Because there should have been a better way. Because there’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes. Because courage is being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway. And because no matter what happens, one day, he shall come back…yes, he shall come back.” Mina Lukas


“It’s actually simple. The moment I sit down on the sofa and the Doctor Who Theme music starts, the 8-year-old girl inside me wakes up. I no longer care about the plot, the lines, the props, because it’s Doctor Who, it’s always brilliant.” Mackenzie Rong