The TV kids who really need a trip to Extreme Brat Camp

A new channel 4 documentary follows families who enrol their troublesome children in "brat camps" so we've scoped out the naughtiest kids on TV we think should be sent along too


Channel 4’s Extreme Brat Camp starts next Wednesday 8 October, examining the mysterious world of American child intervention programmes. While we’re not sure whether it’s entirely ethical to send real-life children to be disciplined at military-style “boot camps”, we’ve identified some TV characters who could do with a spot of “behavioural modification”. From Bart Simpson to Dennis the Menace, here’s our round-up of the naughtiest TV kids.


1. King Joffrey from Game of Thrones

Teen tyrant and sadistic coward, King Joffrey is truly despicable. Some of his cruellest moments include ordering the tongue to be ripped from the mouth of a minstrel and mocking his dwarf uncle’s size. All the time. He really doesn’t respect anyone, let alone his elders. If he was dragged to brat camp, he’d cause terror in the dorms and there’d definitely be bloodshed before breakfast. 

2. Bart from The Simpsons

An inspiration for all naughty kids, Bart has a penchant for shocking people and under-achieving. He spends half his week in detention and the other half endangering himself and others. He’d be the brat camp prankster and drive the staff insane.

3. Stewie from Family Guy

Often engaged in robbery, carjacking, loan sharking, forgery and killing off minor characters, Stewie is prime brat camp material. His obsession with achieving world domination would make him the leader of the camp… and then he’d escape pretty quickly in a teleportation device he’d constructed using his deep, dark knowledge of physics.

4) Angelica from Rugrats

A toddler anti-hero who makes the other kids’ lives very stressful. Any small child who claims to be ‘the prettiest, most beautiful kid in the universe”…well, they’re probably not shy. Angelica will say anything, however dishonest, to get what she wants and she masterfully manipulates the adults. To her parents, she’s adorable and well-behaved but to her contemporaries she’s far from saintly.

5. Reese from Malcom in the Middle

A deliquent with a violent streak and a love of destruction, Reese is a nightmare who will happily sell out his own family to get out of trouble. He does have shining moments of heroism when he stops being a bully but a stint at brat camp could teach him some common sense and empathy.

6. Dennis the Menace

It’s an old-school choice but his name says it all. The chaos-causing school boy is a pre-teen rebel with no cause. He’s selfish, greedy and is nice to almost nobody except his dog Gnasher and sometimes his mates Curley and Pie Face. We’ve all had to share a desk at school with a kid like Dennis and it’s always a living nightmare.

7. Ben from Outnumbered 


He lies about pretty much everything to his entire family. At a school football match, other children’s parents compliment Ben’s dad on his son’s friendship with Gordon Brown, his SAS training and how he is so bravely fighting cancer. Ben is exceptionally stubborn and his parents end up bribing him or simply giving up. A stint at brat camp might curb his ability to fib so unnervingly well…