Doctor Who: new pictures from The Caretaker tease robots, bow ties and more

Will there be fireworks when the Doctor meets his companion's boyfriend? These promo pictures would suggest so...


We’ve seen Doctor Who companions try to balance a home and TARDIS life before, but none have managed it quite so well as Jenna Coleman’s Clara. Her boyfriend Danny (Samuel Anderson) and her time-travelling pal The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) have no idea that the other exists – and she’s quite keen to keep it that way.


But events undo her best intentions as this week the Doctor will go undercover in the very school where she and Danny work – and things will never be the same again.

We can see the Doctor’s fetching new work duds in the photos below, but he’s not just grabbed a mop and overalls for the fun of it – the creepy-looking Skovox Blitzer robot haunting the halls will doubtless require his special skills. 

We also couldn’t help but notice another teacher with a fetching bow tie look – could the Doctor get nostalgic for an older ensemble?



Doctor Who: The Caretaker is on BBC1 this Saturday at 8.30pm