Is this the most ‘Downton’ Downton Abbey line yet?

Soon we'll all be going upstairs to take our hats off...

We’re used to the characters of Downton Abbey sticking to the correct rules of social behaviour, but last night Lady Mary delivered perhaps the most ‘Downton’ Downton Abbey line of them all:


“I’m going upstairs to take off my hat.”

It was met by looks of complete understanding at Downton. Of course you go upstairs to take off your hat…

It’s a lesson viewers are taking notice of.

It can be a new ‘go to’ when a conversation gets dull

Panic as we ponder whether we’ve been breaking the rules all these years

Some have already found fault with the plan

People hope to adopt the phrase in all walks of life

Of course, it could mean something else entirely

We could indeed make a whole game out of this

But actually, she probably just didn’t want us to see her hat hair.


Downton Abbey continues next week at 9:00pm on ITV