EastEnders spoilers: shooting to leave major character fighting for their life

Gun drama to hit Phil and Sharon's wedding during scenes to be shown next week


EastEnders is to leave one of its major characters in a critical condition following a shooting on the day of Phil and Sharon’s wedding.


In the episode set to air on Thursday 2 October, current tensions between Phil (Steve McFadden) and the two women in his life look set to boil over when Shirley (Linda Henry) comes face to face with both bride and groom. When the gun that Sharon (Letitia Dean) has been hoarding is brought into the mix, it’s not long before a shot is ringing out across the Square.

In the aftermath of the gun going off, the families of both the victim and the culprit will be left devastated by what’s happened. A show insider said to RadioTimes.com of the explosive storyline:

“The fallout of the shooting will have far-reaching consequences for the residents of Albert Square. As everyone tries to come to terms with what’s happened, one of the biggest questions for those involved will be: should they tell the truth or would that make the situation even worse?”

This isn’t the first time that a character has been seen taking a bullet on the BBC1 soap. Den Watts (Leslie Grantham) was originally written out in 1989 after seemingly being shot by local gangsters the Firm, only to resurface 14 years later.

In 1994, Michelle (Susan Tully) was shot by Grant’s unstable Army pal Douggie Briggs, while Phil Mitchell was at the centre of a high profile whodunnit after being injured on the doorstep of his own home. Lisa (Lucy Benjamin) was eventually revealed to have been aiming the pistol.

You can see some of those classic clips below:

Den Watts is shot – or is he? (1989)


Michelle takes a bullet (1994)


Who Shot Phil? (1994)