Coronation Street spoilers: Kylie and Callum’s chemistry is “electric”, says Paula Lane

"Callum has for this charm and it makes Kylie feel excited, so I guess there is a little bit of desire there"

Kylie Platt is to take the first steps down a dangerous road next week when she meets up with drug dealer ex-boyfriend Callum, the father of her son Max.


In scenes to be shown on Wednesday 1 October, Kylie will be seen heading back to her old neighbourhood after deciding to do some digging to get to the bottom of Max’s ADHD diagnosis. “She goes looking for answers from his biological father,” says actress Paula Lane. “Kylie hasn’t got ADHD herself and she’s wondering if Max could have genetically inherited anything from Callum.”

Kylie takes Eva with her to help search for Callum, but when they finally track him down, events don’t exactly go according to plan. Eva is left shocked when she sees how Kylie is acting with Callum and his mates – laughing and joking rather than joking, rather than speaking to him about Max, which was supposed to be the reason for the visit. 

“Callum has for this charm and it makes Kylie feel excited, so I guess there is a little bit of desire there,” admits Lane. “At one time, they were the king and queen of their estate. They ruled the roost and she gets a kick out of being with him again.”

And how much has Kylie seen of Callum since Max was born? “He probably came to push the pram a bit before the novelty wore off. So it must have been eight years since she’s laid eyes on him. Initially, it is very hostile between her and Callum, but it’s electric. I can’t wait for you all to see his first episode because I was shocked myself. If you were in the theatre, you’d get to workshop for at least a few weeks to find this kind of dynamic, but Sean Ward [who plays Callum] and I had a day before we were doing back-to-back scenes. He’s fabulous.”

Good-looking charmer Callum certainly makes a big impression on Kylie and makes sure he passes on his contact details as she and Eva leave. But when Kylie returns home, she finds Max and David have prepared her a special meal and immediately feels guilty about revisiting her past. Viewers across the land will be hoping that Kylie doesn’t revert back to her former ways and do the dirty on David – but does Lane hope that Kylie continues to be portrayed in a sympathetic light?


“Absolutely, that’s the crux of the character,” says Lane. “I found very quickly that I couldn’t player as a one-dimensional bitch. The audience would be asking, ‘how can we like this girl?’ Everybody is built up of so many different parts – she’s had a very troubled upbringing, but that vulnerability comes through. She’s quite sensitive and I’ve wanted to keep that.”