Coronation Street spoilers: Andrea to be left hanging by her fingertips, says Hayley Tamaddon

The actress reveals all about the rooftop drama that sees her character's life hang in the balance

Andrea Beckett is to be left clinging on for dear life from the guttering of the Rovers Return after a confrontation with creepy estranged husband Neil goes awry.


The shock cliffhanger comes after Neil gets the wrong idea about Lloyd and Andrea’s future and decides to make a dangerous protest.

“Neil gets it into his head that Lloyd is going to propose to Andrea,” says actress Hayley Tamaddon. “What’s happened is that he’s misheard a story and got it all wrong. So he decides to take himself to the top of the Rovers Return, where he sits on the roof and says that he won’t talk to anybody apart from Andrea.”

Her reaction is to then climb up there on a ladder to join him, knowing that Neil won’t come down unless they talk. “While she’s up there, she says, ‘look, give me your hand, there’s a ladder here’. But when he goes to reach out, he slips, the ladder falls and they both end up stuck. Him on the roof and her hanging off the guttering,” the star adds in an interview with the soap’s official website.

For the stunt itself – which is set to be screened this Friday – Tamaddon was able to call on the skills of a body double, but the actress was determined to get into the thick of the action herself. “I was so excited to be a part of this stunt and to be the person hanging from the roof of the Rovers. I did say to the director that I wanted to do as much of this as I can. It was so high up, but after hanging on wires for Dancing on Ice, it wasn’t that bad.”

And will Andrea make it through the ordeal? “She’s left hanging by the tips of her fingers. What’s going to happen next? Well, keep watching to find out!”


You can see a clip from the episode below: