X Factor judges do impressions of Mel B

"That just sounds awful," says the former Spice Girl as Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh do their best to mimic her

Tonight the search for the next X Factor winner continues as the Arena Auditions draw to a close, but away from the singing, the judges can be seen teasing Mel B about her accent. 


“That just sounds awful,” Mel says as Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell do their best to say ‘no’ the same way as the former Spice Girl. 

“So, I’ve just basically sat here for abuse?” Mel demands of the pair backstage. 

“Nooo…” Louis responds in his best Mel voice.

We’re sure you can get them back Mel. Your shirt undone perhaps, after Mr Cowell showed off a bit too much chest hair in last night’s episode? Or we all know how to ‘do a Louis’ by now, don’t we? All together now, ‘You look like a pop star, you sound like a pop star…”


The X Factor continues tonight at 8:00pm on ITV