TV vet attacked by crocodile in documentary

Mark Evans reveals the extent of his injuries after an experiment with crocodiles went wrong earlier this year

Wildlife presenter Mark Evans has spoken about his injuries from a crocodile attack, incurred while filming an episode of his new series Operation Maneater (on Channel 4 tonight).


The vet was in Numibia trying to train crocodiles when one violently headbutted him and left him with some nasty injuries.

“Its teeth (they stick out the side of its mouth when the mouth is closed) split my upper lip full thickness up towards my nose and pushed three teeth backwards,” Evans tells the Telegraph.

“A front tooth is cracked and now thought to be dead. The tooth next to it is also cracked,” he adds.

Evans was swiftly flown to Johannesburg for emergency treatment, as he explained, “If this kind of wound isn’t cleaned and stitched properly straight away, it can take a huge amount of corrective intervention at a later stage to avoid serious disfigurement.”

Luckily, Evans was patched up quickly, and returned to filming 48 hours later. Eating, he notes, has become a bit different.

“For the last 10 months I haven’t been able to bite using my front teeth so have had to tear my food into chunks to eat,” he explained.

“I got some very funny looks when filming in Australia earlier this year when I sat down in a MacDonalds to eat a Big Mac with a knife and fork.

“It was about 2 in the morning and the Aussie truck drivers clearly thought it was another Pom suffering from too much sun exposure!”


Operation Maneater is at 8.00pm tonight on Channel 4