Hugh Bonneville: Hollywood producers just want to hear about Downton Abbey

Actor says the attention gained by the ITV drama was "quite strange"

Hugh Bonneville has said that the popularity of his role in Downton Abbey has spilled into his work for other productions, including his work on George Clooney’s film The Mouments Men.


“I was filming Downton and Monuments Men at the same time, going back and forth from one set to the other,” Bonneville tells the Daily Record.

“One of The Monuments Men producers virtually pinned me to a wall asking ‘So what did you shoot last week?’”

And the Downton-mania doesn’t end there, he went on to explain.

“You hear of people like [current US Secretary of State] John Kerry saying he had insomnia and picked up a DVD his wife had been watching at 4am.

“He was still sitting there at noon, absolutely hooked on it, so it’s quite strange.”

Bonneville also offered some insight into the struggles his character Robert Crawley would face in the fifth series of the period drama.

“Robert realises he’s got to modernise or die but he won’t just tear up the landscape and build housing estates; he wants to make sure it’s done with a degree of sympathy for its history.”


Downton Abbey is on ITV tonight at 9.00pm