Downton Abbey: the entire story so far

Yes, we have recapped every single episode of Downton Abbey. We like period drama THAT much!


Never watched Downton Abbey? We’re not sure where you’ve been for the last four years, but we’re not the prying sort.


Instead, we’ve watched every single episode of the hit ITV period drama so you don’t have to. Unless you want to. In which case, that’s fine. 

Anyway, here goes. The entire story of Downton Abbey, from the very first episode to last year’s Christmas special via slippery soap, prison spells, shocking deaths and plenty of upper class scandal. All in a mere, erm, 3,762 words. 

Series one

Series two

Series three

Series four


Downton Abbey series 5 starts on Sunday 21st September at 9:00pm on ITV