Keeley Hawes: My Doctor Who character is not all she seems

Line of Duty actress will be keeping viewers on their toes as she reveals her character "is not who we think she is"

Line of Duty actress Keeley Hawes has revealed that there’s more to her character in tonight’s Doctor Who than meets the eye.


“It is hard to talk about her without giving anything away,” she told the Mirror. “We think we know who she is when we meet her and actually it turns out she is not who we think she is.”

Hawes went on to explain that the appeal of the role largely came from the chance to work with Line of Duty director Douglas Mackinnon again, who directed tonight’s episode.

“I got a text from him saying he had put my name forward when the role came up, it was one of his Doctor Who episodes.”

“I loved working with him on Line of Duty and got on very well with him, so that was very appealing. And it was a new Doctor and the script was great fun and I got my own creature so there was nothing not to like.”

And she acknowledged that her starring role in the critically-acclaimed cop drama has opened new doors for her.

“The difference is the sorts of things that are coming my way,” she said.

“Maybe the perception has slightly changed in that it is not just glamorous things that I am being sent, all sorts of things.”


Doctor Who: Time Heist is on BBC1 tonight at 7.30pm