Strictly 2014: Judy Murray and Anton du Beke use playful nicknames in training

Dance lessons are going well between the tennis coach and long-time pro as they reveal they've made up new names for each other


Behind the scenes at Strictly Come Dancing tennis coach Judy Murray and her professional dance partner Anton du Beke are getting on like a house on fire, even coming up with playful nicknames for each other.


Judy Murray is now Lady Judy and Anton? Well, he’s Sir Anton of course.

“I so hope Lady Judy is having as much fun as I’m having. She’s doing a great job,” Anton tells of his celeb partner.

There’s plenty of laughter and fun in their training sessions, sources at the show tell us. Anton’s playful approach is said to be helping to keep Murray, sorry, Lady Judy, nice and relaxed for her first performance.

While she’s enjoying the training, Judy is pretty focused on remembering all of her steps, saying she hopes to make Sir Anton “proud” on the night.

If they don’t do some sort of ‘knight in shinning armor saves damsel in distress’ dance during the competition, it’s an opportunity well and truly missed. 

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Strictly Come Dancing returns Friday 26 and Saturday 27 of September on BBC1