Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

22-26 September: Maddy finds out the truth about Evie and Josh, while Marilyn makes an important decision about the wedding

Monday 22 September


Josh and Evelyn finally tell Maddy that they are more than just friends. In the face of Connie’s determination to stop him from seeing Darcy, Heath decides to move in with Bianca in the city. As Hannah tries to excuse Andy, Leah explains to her that some people cannot be changed. 

Tuesday 23 September

Connie must finally decide on the best place for Darcy – will she let her stay with her father and brother? Casey, Phoebe, Brax, and Cheryl all deal with Heath’s departure in their own ways. The Braxton brothers go for a final surf together before Heath says his goodbyes. A suggestion from Brax leaves Ricky over the moon. 

Wednesday 24 September

With Heath gone, Phoebe and Brax battle it out for his flat. Sophie moves into Leah’s, and Nate is at her beck and call, suggesting that an unhealthy pattern may be developing. Meanwhile, Matt is less than thrilled at the arrangement. Roo’s overenthusiastic wedding planning stresses out John and Marilyn, who come up with a clever solution. 

Thursday 25 September

Matt’s plan to score some more free time during school hours backfires. Leah tries to make Nate see that Sophie is manipulating him but only succeeds in annoying him. Andy is in trouble because of his drug dealing, and asks Casey for help. Roo is hurt to find that Marilyn has chosen Irene as her maid of honour. Can Marilyn find a way to repair their broken relationship? 

Friday 26 September


Denny and Casey patch things up after arguing over Andy, and Casey decides to invite Josh to stay. Evelyn hosts a dinner at the farm house, but Oscar opts to spend the evening flirting with Maddy instead. Upset over being dumped, Maddy threatens to quit school. Chris’s uphill battle to be John’s groomsman gets under way.