Walter White makes a secret appearance in Godzilla

I am the one who knocks down buildings


It turns out Breaking Bad’s Walter White made a secret appearance in this year’s Godzilla movie.


Well, in a manner of speaking – viewers didn’t actually get a chance to see Heisenberg take on a huge lizard. Sadly. Instead, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros gave a cheeky namecheck to actor Bryan Cranston’s critically lauded role in the series through a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it easter egg in the opening credits.

The title sequence is styled to reveal the actors’ names while other text is apparently redacted, and in Bryan Cranston’s case this resulted in a brief moment when Walter White’s name appeared alongside the actor’s.

Take a look (it’s around the 45-second mark) and see if you can clock the cameo.

If not, here’s what it looks like onscreen:


It’s a nice find by /Film reader Jake E, and we can’t help but feel that Mr White himself would definitely approve of this shout-out.