New posters for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

Further details of the Dark Knight director's secretive new project, starring Matthew McConaughey


We’ve already been given a couple of short trailers for Christopher Nolan’s next film, but generally speaking details have been few and far between ahead of its November release.


However, two new posters give a few more hints at what we can expect in the director’s first film since 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

The first poster (via Empire) sees Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper astro-suited up and walking over what appears to be another planet or moon. The tagline – “The end of earth will not be the end of us” – ties in to the film’s plot, which focuses on mankind’s attempts to find a new planet to live on in the near future.

The second poster gives even less away, showing Cooper and his daughter Murph (later played as a grown-up by Jessica Chastain) looking up at the stars from their rustic little farm – not a lot to go on, though it does suggest the close father-daughter relationship that’s tested when Cooper jets off, leaving his children behind for decades.

The tagline is about as cheerful on this poster too – “Mankind was born on earth. It was never meant to die here.”

By the looks of things, we’ve got a bit of a wait until we know exactly what to expect from this one – but, in the meantime, make your guesses from the trailer below:


Interstellar is released in UK cinemas on November 7 2014