Will Scotland vote yes or no? Our seven favourite #indyref omens…

Ahead of tomorrow's Scottish Referendum, the fate of the United Kingdom hangs in the balance - and the public are looking to everything from toast to KFC for answers


Will Scotland stay or will it go? It’s the question on everyone’s lips as we inch closer to tomorrow’s Referendum – but while pollsters, politicians and statisticians crunch the numbers and extrapolate outcomes, some have chosen to employ a more subjective science to predict Scotland’s decision. 


Omens. Good omens and bad omens – yes, the people of the UK are looking to toast, clouds and Kentucky Fried Chicken for potential clues as to the verdict on Scotland’s independence. Here are our favourites… 

1. The piece of bread. A suspiciously tidy replica of the UK minus the Scots. We smell a fish here.

2. Speaking of fish…

3. Are the thistles trying to tell us something? On? No? Oz? Zo?

4. Are KFC planting latent political messages in their chicken?

5. When in doubt, look to the skies…

6. Downing Street do their bit for the Yes campaign. 


7. And finally, where would a round-up of omens be without some suspiciously arranged beer head?