David Tennant: Doctor Who “comes with a lot of attention… some of which is overwhelming”

The Gracepoint star admits Doctor Who is an "unusual show to be part of"


Former Doctor Who star David Tennant has revealed more about the topics covered in his powwows with successor Peter Capaldi – including the sometimes overwhelming attention that comes with playing the Time Lord.


“[Peter Capaldi] needs no advice from a whipper-snapper like me,” said Tennant, when asked if he gave the new Doctor any tips for the role. “He’s a brilliant actor and I’m very excited to see him in that part. All we’ve done is compare experiences. 

“[Doctor Who] is an unusual show to be part of,” Tennant told Entertainment Weekly. “It comes with a lot of attention, most of which is lovely, some of which is overwhelming. I’ve been a witness [protection] group for him…” 

While Capaldi adjusts to his new life as the Doctor, Tennant is concentrating on his own latest role, as Detective Emmett Carver in US series Gracepoint.


The stateside remake of hit ITV crime drama Broadchuch is released this October on Fox America and will be shown in the UK at a later date. Set in Victoria, Canada, it will have the same vulnerable small town feel as Broadchurch, and will begin with similar shots and sequences. However, Gracepoint is set to have a decidedly different ending. “There’s a real thrill to come,” revealed Tennant, “It builds to a sharp end, this story.”