Benedict Cumberbatch’s claims of “posh-baiting” are a load of rubbish says Freddie Fox

The star of The Riot Club says his fellow Brit's success shows his background is not doing him any harm

Benedict Cumberbatch’s complaints that British actors of a certain background are plagued by “posh-baiting” are over the top, says fellow Brit star Freddie Fox.


The public school-educated Fox – himself part of a UK acting dynasty that includes his father Edward and sister Emilia – calls Cumberbatch’s claims “A load of b******s,” in an interview in the latest issue of Radio Times magazine.

“I mean, Ben’s doing alright isn’t he?” says Fox. “It’s not like too many people are hating him in Hollywood!”

Fox is soon to appear in cinemas in The Riot Club, about a notoriously hedonistic Oxford University society, while Sherlock star Cumberbatch is now a much sought-after A-lister, garnering acclaim left, right and centre for his performances – most recently as computer scientist Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

Cumberbatch made the comments in an interview with Radio Times back in 2012, suggesting that the treatment he was receiving might even make him leave Britain. 

“It’s all so predictable. So domestic, so dumb. It makes me think I want to go to America,” said Cumberbatch.
 “I wasn’t born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig.”

Despite his thoughts on what Cumberbatch has said, Fox is aware that type-casting, if nothing else, is always a danger.

“If I keep doing films like The Riot Club they’re going to think I’m a posh git,” he admits. “I do want people to think of me as an actor, not just a posh actor who does posh parts.”


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