Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

15-19 September: a storm wreaks havoc and leaves Lou trapped under a roof beam

Monday 15 September


As a terrifying storm bears down on Erinsborough, Paige is positively glowing following her unexpected encounter with Brennan. He is less sure about whether he is ready to move on. Paul wastes no time in making him feel guilty about betraying Kate’s memory. Furthermore, he takes his irritation out on Daniel and Amber by revealing that Daniel’s tattoo was inspired by an ex, which provokes an argument. A convalescing Georgia risks injury when Kyle’s dog bolts and she follows him out into the gathering storm. 

Tuesday 16 September

A remorseful Paul has set off into the inclement weather to try to put things right with Daniel, but visibility is rapidly decreasing and Paul’s car is hit by a runaway skip. Daniel and Amber witness the smash and help to free him. In the heat of the moment, Daniel proposes. Brad and Lauren share an intimate moment while discussing Paige. The storm continues to wreak havoc as Kyle searches for Georgia and a roof beam crashes down on top of Lou. 

Wednesday 17 September

Susan is in a state of shock following the emergency tracheotomy she was forced to perform in order to save Lou’s life. As the town attempts to deal with the aftermath of the tornado, Paul does some soul-searching. Lauren is relieved that Lou is out of danger, but less happy when he accidentally reveals in front of Matt that he knows her ‘secret’ – her kiss with Brad all those weeks ago. 

Thursday 18 September

As Matt reacts badly to Lauren’s confession, she is left wondering about the state of their marriage. Her fears only intensify as Matt uses the tornado clean-up operation as an excuse not to come home. Brad, meanwhile, is obliged to also explain the situation to Terese, who issues him with a set of rules regarding his proximity to Lauren. 

Friday 19 September


Lauren and Terese try to take control of their marital problems in different ways. Susan is still shaken after the medical emergency and turns to Nate for help, who tells her about his experiences in Afghanistan. Imogen and Daniel bond over an injured wallaby during the clean-up operation. Relations between Bailey and his space camp nemesis Alice take a surprising turn.