Doctor Who: Exclusive Listen poster revealed

See our stunning retro poster from designer Stuart Manning


Another week, another stunning Doctor Who poster from Radio Times designer Stuart Manning. This time it’s for episode four Listen, a story that’s more about ideas than an actual monster, making it a challenge for Stuart to illustrate. 


“This is an interesting episode to try and sum up visually, as it’s about as far away from kitsch as you’re likely to get. I love the posters from things like Rosemary’s Baby and Halloween – just a foreboding image that gives your imagination a place to start before viewing. So, in the end, I went with a slightly abstract, less literal image – somewhere between a 70s horror film and an 80s video nasty. Imagine it on VHS after dark with lots of drop-out.”

Click below for a larger version. 

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Doctor Who: Listen is on BBC1 at 7:30pm on Saturday 13th September