Alan Carr and Piers Morgan settle their feud with help from a butternut squash

Morgan "cussed" Carr's voice, so gets compared to a vegetable...

There’s a bit of air to be cleared between chat show hosts Piers Morgan and Alan Carr and of course that involves a butternut squash.


Carr was the one who originally started the feud back in 2010. He admits on tonight’s Alan Carr: Chatty Man that back when Morgan was a Britain’s Got Talent judge, he made a beeline for his job. What he actually said was that Morgan was “the most annoying man on telly”.

Morgan then retaliated with a little dig about Carr’s voice. Well, maybe not that little…

“He has not merely an irritating voice, he’s quite possibly the most excruciatingly high-pitched, whiny, helium-filled, nasal, repugnant voice in the history of man kind, with the possible exceptions of The Krankies,” he wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

Oof. “Cussed” as Carr says.

Not to worry, Mr Carr was ready to throw a bit of shade back at the broadcaster, comparing Morgan to a butternut squash…


Alan Carr: Chatty Man returns tonight at 10:00pm on Channel 4 with guests Jack Whitehall, Jon Richardson and Matt Forde, Abbey Clancy, Piers Morgan and Kasabian.