Coronation Street spoilers: is Eccles the dog to be killed off?

Tracy demands that the Barlows' pet be put to sleep - but will Maddie come to the rescue?

The Coronation Street scriptwriters really seem to have it in for border terrier Eccles. Blanche’s former pet – who is now cared for by both Ken and Deirdre – was recently seen in need of veterinary attention after being knocked down. And now the poor pooch is to have another brush with danger after Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) insists that he be put down.


Eccles’s life will be seen hanging in the balance after a lying Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) claims that she’s been bitten by the dog. Mum Tracy will demand that the pet dog be put down, leaving young Simon (Alex Bain) distraught and Deirdre left with little option but to comply with her daughter’s wishes.

But help will come from Maddie (Amy Kelly) who promises to help Simon by rescuing Eccles. With Sophie (Brooke Vincent) lending assistance, Maddie steals the dog and hides him at No 4. But later in the week, Ken (William Roache) spots Maddie and Sophie taking Eccles out for a secret walk. 


With the girls busted, Simon is forced to explain that they were keeping her safe from Tracy, who still insists on having her put down. As Ken appeals to Amy to tell the truth, will she admit that she lied about Eccles having  bitten her? Or is Eccles set to join Schmeichel and Mavis’s budgie on the list of Corrie’s fallen pets?