Warwick Davis: I won’t ask Ricky Gervais on Celebrity Squares – but I’d love to see Karl Pilkington

The new ITV host thinks his Life's Too Short co-star could never be tempted to do a panel show... but believes the Idiot Abroad star would make a good addition in the future

Warwick Davis and Ricky Gervais are friends, and even after the end of their comedy Life’s Too Short which followed the fortunes of Davis’s character in the world of showbusiness, they stay in touch. However there is one thing the actor, presenter and former Ewok Davis would never ask his pal, it seems: to go on his gameshow Celebrity Squares.


Apparently Davis “had a say” in which celebrities were approached to fill the grids on the gameshow. But asked if Gervais had been approached, Davis told RadioTimes.com:  “At the end of the day I’ve never seen Ricky do a panel show so I can’t, I just can’t.

“He has his own principles and whoever it is I don’t think he’s going to say, ‘yeah all right, just for you, I’ll come and do it.’”

However there is one person from the Gervais gang that Davis does think might do the trick. 

“I’m going to ask Karl [Pilkington] though, if we do this again, because I think it’d be nice to see Karl, sitting there. We did at least have [comedian] Joe Wilkinson in there for this series and that was kind of like having a hairy version of Karl.”

Based on the legendary comedy game show Hollywood Squares, Davies takes the presenting mantle from the late Bob Monkhouse who last hosted the UK version of the show in 1997.

The first series will run to seven episodes and uses the same format: a grid of nine boxes containing celebrities who answer general knowledge questions with the contestants having to say if they ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with the celebrity’s answer.

The game is essentially noughts and crosses, with the contestant aiming to win a line of celebrities to try and get to the end game where a star prize is up for grabs.

On each show comedians Tim Vine and Joe Wilkinson will each be housed in a square and will compete alongside a host of famous faces, with guests for the first series including Jonathan Ross and James Corden.


Celebrity Squares is on ITV at 8pm on Wednesdays