Jeff Goldblum leads a singalong to the Jurassic Park theme tune – with lyrics

"In Jurassic Park / Scary in the dark / I'm so scared that I'll be eaten..."

As if there was any doubt that a) Jurassic Park is the best film of all time and b) Jeff Goldblum is an absolute dude, the man himself has taken to leading a singalong to the film’s iconic theme tune – with actual lyrics. 


Yep, doing far better than’s attempts of just singing “Jurrrrrasssic Paaaaaark” over and over, Goldblum crooned “In Jurassic Park / Scary in the dark / I’m so scared that I’ll be eaten” by himself before getting the studio audience of Late Night with Seth Myers to join in. 

The lyrics, apparently, are not Goldblum’s own but those he spotted on the internet. Nonetheless, we fully expect  an album – probably called ‘Life Finds a Way’ – and a theme park with actual dinosaurs sometime soon. 


Watch the full video below.