23 Jump Street is officially happening

...but are Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum reprising their roles as Schmidt and Jenko for the second sequel?

Bet you thought those hilarious end credits to 22 Jump Street were one big joke. Well, you’d be wrong, because while 2121 Jump Street is still a good few years off, today brings us the news that 23 Jump Street is officially in pre-production.


And while we’re beyond excited by the prospect of a return from Schmidt and Jenko, we’re not exactly surprised. The sequel to 2012’s 21 Jump Street was a gigantic hit, achieving the rare feat of a critically-acclaimed sequel that also went to gross big at the box office (£198 million worldwide).

Rodney Rothman – one of the three 22 Jump Street writers – has been hired by Sony to pen the script, according to Deadline, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum also back on board as producers – a strong hint they’ll be reprising their roles on-screen as the hapless cops sent to infiltrate various student groups. 

But the real question is whether directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will agree to return to their franchise. The pair oversaw the first two films and had an additional mega-hit earlier this year with The Lego Movie. Will they move on to pastures greener? Rumour has it that the job is theirs if they want it, but neither have committed… yet. 


So, what exactly will 23 Jump Street entail? According to the sequel’s end credits, the pair will next be seen infiltrating a medical school. Watch this space… (and in the meantime, relive the 22 Jump Street trailer below)