The Man with the Blackened Bum: Mistimed stunt set Sir Roger Moore’s bottom on fire

Playing James Bond is meant to be about Martinis, fast cars and stunning women, but for Roger Moore it was rear end Vaseline dressings…


We know secret agent James Bond is hot, but for 007 actor Sir Roger Moore that was taken to the extreme when an on-set explosion set his bottom alight.


The accident happened while filming 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me, with Moore’s swanky trousers catching on fire after a stunt went wrong.

“[Villain] Stromberg has a gun under the table aimed at Roger’s crotch,” movie editor Glen Moore told BBC Radio 4, “At a certain time the special-effects man was to make the explosion. But he mistimed it and it finished up with Roger running around the set with his trousers alight.”

You can imagine the meeting afterwards, can’t you? “You had one job…”

007 himself, Moore, admits “I was seriously on fire and it was terrible pain,” adding, “I had to go to the sister every day and have Vaseline dressings changed on my rear end.”


Bet Q got working on some fireproof slacks after that.