Jason Donovan on a Neighbours return: “It’s got to be a group effort”

If Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and Craig McLachlan were involved, Donovan might consider a return to Ramsay Street…

Watch out Ramsay Street, Jason Donovan might consider returning to Neighbours if a few of his former cast mates were on board.


“The thing about something like that is that it’s got to be a group effort, it can’t just be one or two. Possibly if Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce (who played Mike Young) and Craig McLachlan (who played Henry Ramsay) returned, there’s a bunch of them,” Donovan said on Loose Women today.

He may have left in 1989 after three years as love-struck Scott Robinson, but we just can’t let it go, can we? And given there’s a 30th anniversary on the horizon, the timing could be just right.

Kylie herself fuelled rumours of a return after tweeting that she’d bought overalls – an iconic look for her character Charlene Robinson, last seen heading off for a new life in Brisbane. With Anne Charleston (who played Madge Bishop) also suggesting Kylie was “on board” last month.

“It’s quite ambiguous,” Donovan said of the tweet. “She might have just bought them.”

Which, of course, is a perfectly sensible and considered response to someone tweeting about their latest fashion choice. But it’s not what fans want to hear, is it?

Although, the fuss around a return seems to be a sticking point for Donovan.

“The problem is the publicity would overshadow any contribution you would make. I don’t know at this stage.”

In fact, Donovan feels his part is being done for him. Not only has the pair’s on-screen son Daniel recently appeared in the soap, Donovan admits, “Funnily enough my dad has been in Neighbours on and off for a few years, so he’s making my contribution.”


What do you think? Is it time Scott and Charlene returned?