Coronation Street spoilers: Todd becomes an outcast, reveals Bruno Langley

"There’s one line where Eileen says ‘I wash my hands of you’ and she’s never said that to Todd before. He’s always been the golden boy and he's not anymore"


Todd Grimshaw is to find himself rejected by the rest of his family next week after mum Eileen turns against him.


The repercussions of Tyrone Dobbs’s recent accident will continue to unfold as Jason moves out of No 11 because he cannot stand to be in Todd’s company. But it’s Eileen’s decision to wash her hands of Todd that cuts the deepest. So could this be a wake-up call for the conniving Todd? Actor Bruno Langley tells us more…

So how did he feel when Tyrone was injured? Does he care that Jason could lose everything?
He doesn’t set out to physically hurt anyone – Tyrone’s quite badly injured and that was never his intention. Todd knows he’s made a mistake and he spends a long time trying to make things better, but he doesn’t seem to realise that whatever he does is not going to help. He needs to just keep his mouth shut but Todd can’t help himself. He’s trying to help his brother but he’s just making matters worse.

Neither Tony nor Jason are talking to him now. Has Todd become an outcast with every member of his family?
Todd gets ostracised by the family – he gets pushed to one side and out of the circle of trust. Cue lots of Meet the Fockers gags! He feels like the black sheep of the family and that’s not a good feeling.

Does Todd consider Tony an ally?
He did! They were definitely being sneaky together and helping each other out. He was happy to pull a few building trade scams but once Todd had jumped a bit further than Tony ever wanted to go he thought, ‘that’s it, I’m going to have to cut Todd off now’. Todd went rogue – he went too far for Tony!

Why does he sneak into the garage? Why does he want to make it look like Tony broke in?
His plan is to rile Tyrone and Fiz into accepting the payment from Tony to make it all go away. He’s trying to indirectly threaten them and it backfires massively. I always thought Todd was quite an intelligent guy but some of the things he’s being doing recently are not very clever.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea for him to be very apologetic – both to Ty and Jason?
He should have just apologised and shut up, but he’s under pressure. His mum says he’s got to think of a way to make it right and this is all he can think of. He hasn’t got any money to pay anyone off so all he can do is try and aggravate and threaten Tyrone into accepting Tony’s offer. He’s doing it for his brother – he doesn’t want Jason to lose his business and he’d feel really bad if that happened. He’s genuinely upset about the situation.

How does he feel when he hears his own mother saying she hates the person he’s become? Is this the lowest he’s ever been?
He feels bad – he’s at his lowest ebb. The one thing that’s he always been able to count on is his mum sticking by him and backing him up. So when she leaves him in the hands of Tony and Jason it’s a shock to Todd. There’s one line where Eileen says ‘I wash my hands of you’ and she’s never said that to Todd before. He’s always been the golden boy and he’s not anymore. He’s now been demoted.

Could this finally be the wake-up call he needs? Will it change him?
It could go in all sorts of directions – Todd needs to rearrange his priorities and assess what’s important in his life. The main thing is he’s a selfish person and he needs to be less selfish. That’s the key.

Does anyone feel sorry for him? If so, will he take advantage of them?
He’s upset so many people, a lot of the time it’s just been nasty comments to various people on the street, so no one really feels that sorry for him. Eva takes pity on him a bit and offers him somewhere to stay, but that’s about it.

Do you enjoy playing the bad boy?
More than ever!

Do you get a hard time from viewers?
Usually, the people who are most excited to see me on the street are older women. They come up and almost conspiratorially say, ‘hey, it’s you isn’t it, you’re really bad, but I like you!’ They whisper it and then run off. Viewers like to see people being bad on TV because they wouldn’t ever get to do that in real life. Todd gets to say the things that maybe you want to say in certain situations but just can’t.


What does your little boy make of Todd’s antics?
Freddie’s quite intrigued about the character and why he’s so naughty!