14 lessons James Corden can learn from current US chat show hosts

From soaking guests to donning tight outfits, new The Late Late Show host could learn a thing or two from current names on the scene including Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Fallon and more

British actor James Corden has been confirmed as the brand new host of US chat show The Late Late Show. It’s one of the biggest shows in America and he’ll take over in December when Craig Ferguson steps down.


Corden is perhaps best known for co-creating and starring in comedy hit Gavin & Stacey. He’s also been a regular host of the Brit Awards and has had his own one-off shows including When Corden Met Barlow.

But this will be Corden’s first leap into US chat show hosting. So in order to get him off to a flying start, here’s a few lessons he can learn from big-names currently on the scene including Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson and Conan O’Brien…

Nail the everything-you’re-saying-is-genius listening pose à la Ferguson.

If you’re going to get your guests to do something, do it with them like Jimmy Fallon. In matching outfits.

Even if it means wearing super tight white trousers (sorry, pants) and dancing next to JLo.

Or having to do some plank exercises with Gisele.

You must own criticism. Like Jimmy Kimmel who plasters it up for all to see.

If you start a long-running joke that you’ve run out of time to speak to Matt Damon at the end of every show, he will get you back.

Choose your guests wisely. Hint: Jennifer Aniston breaks things.

Always mention the naked shower scene video clip you have of your guest, eh Conan O’Brien?

If you can force your guests to say things like ‘nip-slip’ you’re probably onto a winner.

Find any excuse to get Emma Stone lip-syncing. Just look at the dedication.

Ditto Morgan Freeman doing helium. Because WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

Don’t let your guests get too comfy on that couch (yep, couch… you’ve got to get in the mindset).

Heck, why stop at water? Tom Cruise even joined in when it was eggs.


And if Harrison Ford wants to pierce your ear, let Harrison Ford pierce your ear.