Marching band performs incredible medley of TV theme tunes

The Ohio State Marching Band took to the field to perform tunes from The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, The Office and many more shows


In the future, when television is but a memory, the last remaining humans will huddle together in stadiums for warmth and companionship. To wile away the hours, marching bands will recreate television programmes from their youth and, through the tears and acid rain, they will lift their faces to the thunderous sky and smile.


Now the Ohio State Marching Band, whose intricate routines have made them a viral video favourite, have given us a glimpse of this dystopia. In this incredible ten minute medley, the university brass band not only play the themes from shows like The Simpsons, The Office, Game of Thrones and other classics, but bring them to life with some precision marching. The choices are all American (it’s their first home game in the American football season after all) but there should be something here to cheer you up, no matter who you are or what the future holds.