Jenna Coleman: I won’t say if I’m leaving Doctor Who, it’ll spoil the surprise we’ve got coming

“If you know I’m in the next series – or if you know I’m off – you’ll know how the story ends,” says Peter Capaldi's Tardis companion...

Jenna Coleman still won’t say whether she’s leaving Doctor Who – but she has promised a surprise ending to this series.


“There’s lots of rumours,” she said of her hypothetical departure in an interview for this week’s edition of Radio Times magazine.

“We’ve sat down with [showrunner] Steven Moffat and we’ve all decided we don’t want anyone to know which way it’s going.”

She added: “If you know I’m in the next series – or if you know I’m off – you’ll know how the story ends.”

However, Coleman did hint that there were big things in store for future episodes.

“Because there’s a surprise we’ve got coming, it’s much better that nobody knows which way it’s going to go – so that’s where we’re trying to keep it at the moment.”

Rumours of Coleman’s departure were sparked by a report published in the Mirror last month, though when contacted by the BBC declined to confirm or deny her exit.

Still, this didn’t stop plenty of speculation, with even co-star Peter Capaldi wading in at one point.

“I don’t know where these rumours have started,” he said in an August episode of the One Show.

“I’ve read that she may be leaving at Christmas but I don’t even know if she’ll get to Christmas… You’ve got to just watch and wait and see.”

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