Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron and Finn to have a one-night stand, reveals Danny Miller

"During a drunken evening at the Woolpack, Aaron ends up taking advantage of what's on offer," says the actor


Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) and Finn Barton (Joe Gill) are to sleep together during scenes to be shown next week – but viewers shouldn’t expect the pair to have a long future together.


“It’s just a one-night stand,” says actor Danny Miller. “Finn really fancies Aaron for some reason, but Aaron doesn’t feel the same about Finn. But during a drunken evening at the Woolpack, Aaron ends up taking advantage of what’s on offer.”

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Aaron released from custody after being handed a suspended sentence from the court – and it’s at a celebratory evening at the pub that he ends up catching Finn’s eye. But the next day, a hungover Aaron is regretful of his actions and is clear that he doesn’t want to get involved with Finn.

“Finn and Aaron are completely different people, so it would be a bit cheeky to put them together just because they’re gay,” Miller continues. “But lots of people have been in the position of having a one-night stand at some point in their lives, so it’s good to just get the issue done and dusted.”

One unforeseen knock-on effect, though, is the reaction of Ross Barton (Michael Parr), who isn’t at all happy about how his brother has been treated. So what happens when he and Aaron have another set-to?


“Ross already blames Aaron for Donna’s death, so he uses the situation with Finn as an opportunity to have another  go,” says the actor. “Aaron knows that he can deal with Ross if he has to. But the one thing he’s got to do here is keep his temper. If he hits Ross, then he’ll be heading straight back to prison. And Ross knows that and will play on it. So it’s interesting to see these two similarly hot-headed characters clash.”