EastEnders spoilers: Shane Richie – How would people feel if Alfie was responsible for Kat’s death?

"If anything ever happened to Kat, I don't know how Alfie could go on," says the actor


A beleaguered Alfie Moon is to resort to desperate measures next week when he sets fire to his family’s home – little realising that Kat is still inside the building. With his finances in a mess, Alfie will turn to arson in order to claim on the contents insurance, but will he end up killing his partner in the process? And could he live with himself if Kat were to die?


“If anything ever happened to Kat, I don’t know how Alfie could go on,” says actor Shane Richie. “I don’t know how the country would feel if Alfie was responsible for Kat’s death! But leading up to the fire, he just thinks he’s doing the right thing. He does bad things but for the right reasons.”

Viewers have seen Alfie’s money woes worsen in recent weeks following the loss of his pitch on the market and the revelation that he’s six months late with rent payments. Loan applications have been turned down, job offers have come to nothing and he’s even in danger of losing his house. Now, in a last-ditch bid to relieve his financial burden, he’s to cause a fire in the living room at No 23, unaware of the fact that Kat is upstairs at the time.

“When he sets fire to the house, he’s completely convinced that nobody’s there,” continues Richie. “He’s sent Big Mo, Stacey and Kat to a party at the Vic. And Whitney has got the kids. So Alfie starts the fire in a bin and goes off to play cards. But his whole world comes tumbling down when his phone goes and it’s Kat saying that she’s in bed waiting for him. So now Alfie’s staring to panic about whether the twins are in there too, and maybe Tommy, Mo and Stacey. So he tears back knowing that the love of his life and possibly his family are all in terrible danger and could die.”

But just as Alfie is about to walk through the front door, a huge blast rips through the house and throws him to the ground. “Mo has left a load of hair products indoors and that’s what causes the explosion. I’m going to take credit for the stunts even though it wasn’t me! When my stunt double was standing next to me, people were saying, ‘oh my god, it’s Alfie!’

“Usually the stunt people look nothing like the actors, but this guy was my height and build. Even when I watched it back, I thought, ‘is that me?!’. I had to emulate the bit when the stunt man was thrown back – filming the fire was good fun, actually. Although I wanted to hear the Indiana Jones music!”

As the other residents of Albert Square pour out of their homes after realising what’s happened, Alfie charges into the house despite Roxy and Stacey trying to stop him. So will Alfie make it out alive with Kat? Or is this the end of an on-off relationship lasting 12 years?


“Ha, well it’s just so weird to look back to when I first came in,” says Richie. “With YouTube, you can watch mine and Jessie Wallace’s early episodes. So I’m constantly reminded of Alfie’s first scenes in the Vic, scamming Peggy Mitchell and meeting the Slaters for the first time. It’s like another world. You look back at everything Kat and Alfie have been through and now here they are, they’ve got their twins and Tommy and they could ride off into the sunset. But no, now Alfie has gone and done this and he’s on the verge of ruining everything they’ve built up.”