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After the typically enthusiastic response to Peter Capaldi’s second Doctor Who episode, Into The Dalek, last week, we’re yet again asking readers to send in their thoughts on the twelfth Doctor’s next outing, Robot of Sherwood. And, rather excitedly, we’ve even added in something new. 


This week’s episode could go either way. Judging from its premise – the twelfth Doctor meets Robin Hood and refuses to believe he’s real – and its light-hearted trailer, it looks to be a standalone romp. Sometimes these work, other times we end up with episodes such as series 6’s The Curse of the Black Spot. 

So, we want to hear from you. Was Robot of Sherwood funny and fun? Or did it make your eyes roll right out of your head? And how did you find Capaldi this week? Is he still nailing the role or are you not convinced? 

Not only do we want you to send in what you thought in around 150 words but we’d also like you to give it a rating out of 10. On Monday we’ll publish our favourites right here, on 

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