Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

8-12 September: Kyle visits Georgia after a complication with her surgery, while Terese struggles to hol don to her family


Monday 8 September
Terese is quietly enraged when she gives Brad the chance to come clean about his secret birthday dinner with Lauren and Paige and he still says nothing. She later confronts him, however, and agrees to withdraw her complaint against Paige. The animosity between Imogen and Amber results in Imogen calling in the wreckers to destroy their shared car, Hermione. Will a resolution be reached in time? Georgia suffers an adverse reaction to her surgery.


Tuesday 9 September
Amber is faced with the tough task of choosing which university to attend and laments the years of hard work ahead. Daniel suggests that they take a gap year together, much to Paul’s disapproval. Karl feels uneasy about the complications following Georgia’s surgery. During a game of pool, Nate attracts Brennan’s attention for all the wrong reasons. He alerts Susan, who makes a unwelcome discovery.

Wednesday 10 September
Sheila is back in the dating game and her first encounter is encouraging. Karl and Susan demand an explanation for the combat knife they found in Nate’s bag. Refusing to engage, he runs into Chris. The tension finally boils over and they kiss, after which Chris encourages Nate to open up to the Kennedys. Sonya struggles to trust Toadie and Naomi now that they are working alone together again, and goes through Toadie’s emails.

Thursday 11 September
Having caught Sonya reading his emails, Toadie is forced to consider the practicalities of working with Naomi. Sonya thinks that she may have a solution. Brennan realises that his meetings with Paige feel more and more like dates. Panicked about taking the next step, he cancels a lunch that they had arranged. Matt tries to help Bailey with his fitness, but Josh pushes him to let Bailey figure things out for himself.


Friday 12 September
Paige demands an explanation for the fact that Brennan stood her up and things get physical as she suggests that he has been avoiding her. Naomi’s affair with Josh suddenly seems a lot less sexy when she is forced into working with his sister, Imogen. Josh and Brad finally find some common ground at the gym.